Winter Games 2013

Audi Quattro Winter Games 2013

One of our biggest projects for 2013 was providing facilities for coverage of the Audi Quattro Winter Games. Kinetic Media contracted ImageNZ to provide the OB facilities for 9 consecutive days of coverage across 4 events and 2 mountains.  Months of preparation, 2 recces, 3 days travel – culminating in 2 weeks of Winter Games coverage at Coronet Peak and Cardrona ski fields in the South Island of New Zealand.

Fiber cable drumsSeven cameras covered 4 courses with over 8km of fiber cabling between the events at Coronet Peak (Giant Slalom and Slalom) and Cardrona (Half Pipe and Slope Style).  The OB truck was stripped and re-configured into flight cases with duplication of facilities where practical (to reduce the amount of gear needing to be transferred between events and mountains).

Coverage was live-streamed, with Chris Penman from N-Tech looking after the streaming – 4 simultaneous streams (from Full HD to mobile optimised).

A-Frame building, Coronet Peak

At Coronet Peak our control base was the ‘A’ Frame building at the end of the Slalom and Giant Slalom courses.  The ‘A’ Frame was somewhat spacious compared to the cabins available at Cardrona.  Cardrona cabin layoutKnowing the available cabin space in advance, a test setup was done back at the warehouse in Auckland – to find the best layout and to make sure everything would fit!  Moving the control room was a big task.  The mountain groomers made this job a lot easier – shifting the control room cases in 2 loads (thanks to Toby and Spy and their teams at Coronet and Cardrona!).

wg_DSC00998Each course was cabled with a combination of 12-core and SMPTE fiber optic cable.  Camera interfaces were BMD Atem Camera Converters or Sony’s new fiber system for the PMW350 range of cameras.  Back in the control room, audio was de-embedded from the camera SDI signals and fed to the Presonus StudioLive 24.4.2 audio desk and mixed along with commentary to provide the main audio feed for the live webstreaming.  For post-production (tight turnaround) of the local programme for TV3, 4 channels of audio were recorded to the KiPros and 3Play – 2 channels of full mix and 2 channels of clean FX.

Inside the A-Frame

Our newly aquired 3Play 4800 record/replay system took care of the main record, camera iso’s, replays and basic show compile.  Post production editors took the 3Play compile of the day’s coverage and built each show – adding field stories, interviews and host links to produce the final half hour show which was then line fed to TV3 in Auckland for broadcast later that evening.

At the heart of the system, a Panasonic HS410 vision mixer made the cut for the web stream and main records. The HS410 was fitted with 2 HD-SDI expansion boards taking the total HD-SDI inputs to 12.  Barbara Mitchell directed and switched the coverage of events – 7 cameras plus graphics and replays.