Carbonite Black Plus

Carbonite Black Plus

The Ross Carbonite Black Plus is here now!

Carbonite Black Plus production engine is a true signal processing champion. It has all the features of Carbonite Black – plus… All 36 inputs having Frame Synchronizers, Format converters, Color Correction and Proc amps. The Black Plus also adds more MultiViewers. There are 5 MultiViewers, each with up to 16 configurable windows for a massive 80 windows in total. It also includes three new outputs dedicated to MultiViewers, so you don’t need to give up main outputs for monitoring. The Black Plus also adds Proc amps, Color Correction, and format conversion to 12 outputs on an independent basis. If you need SD feeds- simple, want to match those on set displays – easy. Want to recolor or monochrome an output – no problem. Carbonite Black Plus is the most powerful Carbonite frame ever!

  • 36 inputs
  • 22 outputs
  • 3 full MEs with 4 Keyers
  • 8 DVEs
  • 4 MiniMEs with 2 MultiScreen Modes
  • 5 x 16 window MultiViewers
  • 4 MediaStore channels
  • SD, HD, 3G & UHD (4K) processing
  • Frame Synchronizers & Format converters on all inputs
  • 12 Outputs with Format Conversion, Proc Amps & Color Correction
  • ViewControl – touchscreen production control
  • DashBoard control integration
  • XPression motion graphics integration
  • BlackStorm video clip player integration
  • Carbonite Black 2 panel

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